Using Paper to Produce Egg Trays by a Pulp Egg Tray Making Machine

Eggs tray and molds are made from waste material like used paper, disposable glass, wooden chips and old newspaper.

Description of the machine:

Egg tray’s and egg carton making machine manufacturing industry is a leading industry. The use of garbage in their factory to make new and use full items.

Today the world is facing extreme pollution problem. The garbage of household and factories are thrown anywhere. Water pollution, air pollution, and earth pollution make a miserable situation for the human being. Now science and technology make a new terminology for cleaning the world from the garbage.

Pulp Egg Tray Making Machine
Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Recycling Process


Recycling is the process of reusing the waste material into other product. Simply, the process of reshaping the waste material into useful item is known as recycling. Recycling industry makes a worth position in the world. They introduce many machines and methodologies to reduce pollution. Chemical reactions, reshaping and reuse make a world to survive from its pollution.

Paper pulp:

The pulp is the raw form of making papers. Firstly, wood is converted into pulp. It is like a think paste of wood, water, wood fibers and chemicals. Then through certain machinery, the
thick paste is proceeded and make a paper.

Paper pulp is also made from used vegetables, minerals, bark and straw etc. They are converted into a compressed form, removed all extra or unnecessary components and converted into pulp. Read more details at

Technological components:

Pulp and paper making is the branch of engineering and science. This process emphasizes on the chemical reaction.

The chemical known as sulfite acid and limestone, are combined to make calcium bisulfite. They dissolve wood fibres and wood chips into chemical pulping. Onwards proper chemical and temperature control compounds make it a paper pulp.

Paper Pulp Moulding Machine
Pulp Molding Machine

Working process:

When the wood chips and raw material is combined into liquid form, some dough maker component makes a think dough. Steel less steel mould are fixed to machine and put the raw material in the moulds to make a specific shape tray.

Moulding tray:

Moulding is the holding case of eggs. Eggshell is so thin that with a thingy force break it. To protect eggs from breaking or fracturing the eggs.

Benefits of eggs tray:

·Keep the egg into its natural status: Eggs are the rich source of protein. Egg yolk is more healthy as compared to egg white. When eggs are laid by hens, the yolk and egg white have possibility to mix in the shell. Moulding tray’s hold the eggs in its natural state.

·Protection fro breaking: Eggshell is so thin and easy to break it. Egg tray give support to the eggs. They have their separate space to hold on.

·Easyto transport: the farmhouse is a healthy business unit with high revenue profit. Although these farm houses needs proper equipment’s to supply their product in the market.

·Kept as bulk: Eggs’ tray allow the user to keep more eggs. These tray’s are available in many sizes as 12 eggs capacity or 24 eggs container.

·Proper shelter: from the form house to market and than to house, eggs need proper care. Egg tray and egg’s carton give a from strong support.

·Ideal for import and export: many countries exports eggs to the other countries. These egg tray’s allow them to keep their product more secure and collective.

·Keep them fresh: before putting into tray’s, eggs are properly checked as to confirm the freshness of eggs.


Eggs tray machine was initially made by Taiwan’s company, later on made by the Chinese company on low rate but high quality, thereinto, the Beston Machinery is well-known for the advanced technology of waste paper recycling. This technology is aware of a common man to make new business. The recycling industry is now run by government level as this industry has the following benefits.

·Reuse waste material: Egg tray is made from waste material which is almost found everywhere. It help to clean the environment.

·Large Labour force required: This industry involved large number of labor as this is a long term process. Collecting garbage, selection useful material, suppliers and many more.

·Cheap products: As the raw material is cheap the product will alternatively cheaper. The cost of making a product is almost free as the main material available-waste things, everywhere.

·New products: through this machine many new shapes and items are made easily. It encourages new experiments.

·Health issue: during collection and recycling waste material, health issues arise. Many diseases and bacteria are found in garbages.

·Chemical uses: using more chemical also made health issue. More the chemical using in the production, more the health issues arise.

·Food serving items: now these machines allow to make new items as plate, lunch box and many more. Which directly affect human health.

·Eggs life: when eggs tray and carton are once packed, air circulation stop. It affects eggs quality.

Conclusion: Recycling of waste material is a trend now. It encourages small scale industrial to expend her/his business.

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